Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wedding Colours - How to Choose The Ones That Fit Your Personality

Choosing the colours for your wedding might seem like a difficult choice, but it is actually quite simple if you follow some easy guidelines.
Pick a colour you love. Does the colour look good on you and your bridal party? This is especially important if you are going to be having them wearing the colour near their face. Some colours just don’t suit everyone’s skin tone, so choosing the right colour so everyone looks their best is important. But in the end, it is important that you love the colour and want it be your main wedding colour

Once you have chosen your main colour, you need to choose one or two more colours that are toning, harmonious, complementary, or triadic.

A tonal scheme (monochromatic) means you use a colour in different tones. There is one colour, but different tones of that colour (various shades of purple for example).

The harmonious colours are those that are close to each other on the colour wheel. For example, pink has purple on one side and red on the other side. Those are harmonious colours. Purple has pink on one side, and blue on the other side. These too are harmonious colours.

The complementary colours are those that are opposite to one another on the colour wheel. For example: purple and yellow; pink and yellowy greens.

The triadic colours are three colours on the colour wheel that are an equal distance from one another. A popular modern choice is red, blue, and yellow, and is for those who feel comfortable with a bold colour choice for their wedding.

If you can’t decide what colours you like, here is a great way to find your perfect colours: look in magazine, in store windows, in art galleries, on television, on the internet, or any other place you will see colour advertisements. What colours are shown? How do they go together? Pictures for sale in the art section of any large department store will give you ideas about what colours go together. Visit the paint section of your local hardware store, and play with the colour samples they have. Which colours do you like together?

Another place to find great colour combinations is in nature. For example, winter is associated with snow, which is depicted as white, off white, and the softest bluish-white tones (tonal). The glitter of frost could be touches of silver in your colour scheme. Imagine: white, a soft blue and silver as a colour scheme. It would be very elegant and beautiful.

Look at the colours of your favourite flowers. Your flower choice might give you your colour scheme. For example, a daisy has white petals, a yellow centre and green stem. Yellow and green tones (harmonious colours) are next to each other on the colour wheel. Imagine a wedding gown in a very pale yellow or antique white for the bride, and darker yellow for the bridesmaids. Green would go very well to accent this colour scheme, and would make a great spring colour scheme.

Autumn colours are usually melon, or burgundy. Opposite burgundy on the colour wheel (complementary) is green, and grey/silver or cream would be a nice accent colour.

A bolder colour statement using triadic colours like turquoise, burnt orange, and yellow is a new trend in wedding colour schemes. Triadic colour schemes create a bold statement, but some brides are making a modern statement in choosing colours like fuchsia, amber, and turquoise as a wedding colour scheme.

Although most of these examples talk about three colours, it is perfectly acceptable to choose a two-colour colour scheme when choosing your wedding colours. You might want to explore what wedding decorations are available to see what colours are available to you, as it might help you choose a direction.

If you are also going to have a wedding theme , it would be helpful to know what kinds of wedding decorations, and wedding favours are available in your theme so you can ensure the colours you are choosing will go well with your bridal accessories .

Choosing your wedding colours should be easy once you explore your options. Take your time, and trust your instincts to choose that perfect wedding colour scheme for your special day.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Trip to Melaka with Bestfren

Mase kenduri syamim ktorg plan nk p cuti2 kat mlaka sementara masing2 masih bujang2 lg ni...nt da kawen xdpt dah nk cuti2 ngn kwn2..

ketua rombongn ktorg miera idora...bgs..miera sgt bagus dlm menjadi ketua rombongan..
peoz tlg book kan hotel...aku ngn mai konon2 jemputan tp last jp tlg jemput org kat umah...
tp xtpu mmg best n rase cam xnk blk..bkn melaka yg best tp ngn kwn2 tu part yg plg manis...memula kat afamosa mmg ktorg main sgale jenis yg ade...tinggi2 pon ktorg naik gak...enjoy gler..
da pnt2 main br ktorg p check in hotel..after maghrib p mkn...

tempat yg ktorg p mkn ni dekat umbai...parameswara klu xsilap...leh thn sedap n harga berpatutan..leh la next time dtg lg...

sudah kenyang p jln2 bandar mlaka lak...ktorg nek river cruise...sbenarnye yg tu xla menarik sgt tp saje nk pusing2 mlaka...smpai ttdo2 kwn2 atas boat tu smbil layan lagu dangdut 45 minit...xleh blah..
blk hotel tdo...pnt maaa

esoknye pulak de plan baik punye...ktorg p main bowling kat Mahkota Parade..mcm la kat KL xde ni lain...main ditempat org...best2..sempat la shyda blanje stokin pink yg sgt kiut...lepas main p bli ape2 yg patut tuk family pastu blk...slaku driver time tu telah mengarah kan sume penumpang2 untuk tidak tdo sepanjang perjalanan smpai KL..sape tdo aku ketuk buku lali...dan dorg pon membuat sesi kaunseling dan soal jwb cinta termsk la sdikit gossip..omg

Rindu kan saat2 indah tersebut....